Contact Details

Dr Katherine L Barry
Dept of Biological Sciences, E8B111
Macquarie University NSW 2109, Australia
Phone: 61 2 9850 8141


Undergraduate Teaching

Kate Barry is the unit convener of BIOL260 Science of Sex

This unit takes a broad approach to studying the evolution and maintenance of sexual reproduction, using examples (some quite bizarre) from the animal and plant worlds. At the same time, it covers in-depth the sexual biology and behavioural science of our own intriguing species.

Unit Guides - 2014

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Short CV

Academic Record
PhD in Ecology & Evolution, Macquarie University Australia, 2009
Honours Degree (1st class), Macquarie University, 2004
Bachelor of Science Degree (GPA = 4.0), Macquarie University, 2003

Research Summary
Publications = 22 
Papers in review/preparation = 5
Total citations = 424
google scholar
Average ISI of first& last author papers = 3.42
h-index = 11
Research grants = $156,135
Travel grants = $29,300
Invited talks = International 5, National 6
Conference presentations = International 9, National 8

PhD students supervised: 5
Masters students supervised: 2
Honours students supervised: 1
Undergraduate research interns supervised: 13

Academic Appointments
Lecturer 2013-present: Department of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University

Postdoctoral Positions

Endeavour Research Fellow, 2011 (Jul-Dec): "Sexual cannibalism increases male material investment in offspring: quantifying terminal reproductive investment by males in a praying mantis". Host: Prof William Brown, State University of New York. 

Postdoc Research Associate, 2011 (Jan-Jun): "Macronutrient intake affects reproduction in a predatory insect". Host: Dr Shawn Wilder, University of Sydney.

Postdoc Research Associate, 2011-12: "The evolution of monogyny". Host: Prof Marie Herberstein, Macquarie University.

Postdoc Research Associate, 2010: "Bacteria, butterflies & bright colouration". Host: Dr Darrell Kemp, Macquarie University.

Awards & Prizes

Faculty Partnership Program (awarded to 'flip the BIOL260 classroom'), Macquarie University, 2015

Creativity and Contributions to Teaching Award ($500), Biological Sciences Macquarie University, 2014

Alfred Russell Wallace Award, Royal Entomological Society, 2010

VC’s Commendation for outstanding postgraduate research, Macquarie University, 2009

Best oral presentation by a student ($200), ASSAB conference, 2009

Phil Carne Prize ($300), Australian Entomological Society, 2006

Bill Cantwell Prize ($200), Biology Honours, Macquarie University, 2004

University Medal – Biology, Macquarie University, 2004

VC’s Commendation for undergraduate academic achievement, Macquarie University, 2003

Jamieson Award ($300), Australian Federation of University Women, 2003