July, 2016: Darsh awarded best poster at the ASSAB conference in Katoomba.

Well done Darsh!

July, 2016: Kate and Bill Brown's paper on terminal reproductive effort in a praying mantis is out in Proceedings B!

June, 2016: Anu awarded best lab-based talk in the annual HDR conference at MQU.

Well done Anu!

April 15, 2016: Anu successful is obtaining a PGRF for $5000. She will travel to the ISBE conference in the UK, and also visit the labs of two collaborators (Leigh Simmons @ UWA and David Shuker @ St Andrew's).

Well done Anu!

March 15, 2016: Anu awarded a $2500 travel grant to attend and present at the ISBE conference in Sheffield UK in August 2016.

Well done Anu!

March 1, 2016: Darsh formally starts his PhD on predator-prey dynamics in the Queensland fruit fly.

November 16, 2015: Darshana Rathnayake awarded iMQRES Masters/PhD scholarship starting in 2016. Thesis title "Why are males faithful to only one female? The evolutionary maintenance of monogyny"

Great job Darsh!

October 27, 2015: Our paper on male approach behaviour in response to the risk of cannibalism is out in Animal Behaviour!

October 16, 2015: Kawsar Khan awarded iMQRES PhD scholarship starting in 2016. Thesis title "Ecology, evolution and genetics of female-limited colour polymorphism in damselflies"

September 15, 2015: Anu awarded 2nd place for her annual HDR talk on strategic ejaculation linked to sexual cannibalism (Barbara Rice Award for field-based research) 

August 10, 2015: Kate, Anu and Darsh at the Behaviour conference in Cairns. 

Great job on your talk Anu!

July 3, 2015: Paper on the risk of sexual cannibalism and its affect on male approach and mating behaviour provisionally accepted in Animal Behaviour.

June 30, 2015: Mohammad and Mahmud have arrived. Welcome to the IMS lab!

Apr 7, 2015: Grant success for Anu! $500 from the Linnean Society of NSW.

Mar 23, 2015: Genital chirality paper provisionally accepted in PLoS ONE.

This was a truly collaborative project - go team!

Mar 6, 2015: Sexual deception results published in French magazine Especes

Les dents de l'amour (translates to Teeth of Love)

Feb 26, 2015: Anu's paper on strategic ejaculation in sexually cannibalistic mantids provisionally accepted in PLoS ONE.

Congrats Anu!

Jan 25, 2015: Sydney Morning Herald article

Big butts are a hot item in bug land 

Jan 16, 2015: Kate interviewed by Bob McDonald on Quirks and Quarks radio show (CBC radio).

Sexual cannibalism: when dates become dinner

Dec 17-30, 2014: Media craziness for Proc B paper! Click on the MEDIA page to see the coverage....