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Dr Kate Barry - Lecturer/Lab Head

email: kate.barry@mq.edu.au      

twitter: @InsectMatingSys

Kate's current research investigates female-driven sexual conflict and its effect on male mating strategies. In the upcoming mating season, Kate will determine whether male mantids transfer an ejaculatory protein that inhibits female chemical attractiveness to future mates. 

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Anuradhi Jayaweera - PhD student (2013 - present)

email: anu.jayaweera@mq.edu.au

twitter: @anujayaweera

Anu's research focuses on the effect of mate quality on post-copulatory mating strategies in male praying mantids. She investigates under which circumstances males will invest more into reproduction and under which conditions reproductive success is maximised. 


Mohammad Ameri - PhD student (2015 - present)

email: mohammad.ameri@mq.edu.au

twitter: @mohammadameri87

Mohammad's research will assess the alteration of progeny phenotype in response to maternal experience in sexually cannibalistic praying mantids and spiders. Mohammad is co-supervised by Marie Herberstein.

Md Mahmudunnabi - PhD student (2015 - present)

email: md.mahmudunnabi@students.mq.edu.au

twitter: @mahmud_mq

Mahmud's research will assess the role of sex pheromones in sexually cannibalistic praying mantids. He will identify and synthesise the sex pheromone of Pseudomantis albofimbriata and record the subsequent male behavioural responses.

Kawsar Khan - PhD student (starts 2016)


Kawsar will research the ecology, evolution and genetics of female-limited colour polymorphism in damselflies. Kawsar will determine the effect of colour morph on the adaptive fitness (e.g. level of sexual harassment, predation) of females and is also interested in the inheritance pattern of the polymorphism.

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Darshana Rathnayake - PhD student (2016 - present)

email: darshana.rathnayake@mq.edu.au

twitter: @darshrathnayake

Darshana's research focuses on predator-prey interactions in the Queensland fruit fly. He aims to identify effective biological agents to control this pest species. He uses both behavioural and molecular studies to determine the most common Q-fly predators and their effectiveness in controlling Q-flies. Further, his research compares how effective the sterile male technique is in controlling Q-flies by comparing the predation rate of wild and sterile male Q-flies. Darsh is co-supervised by Marie Herberstein.

 Lab Alumni


Romain Boisseau - Masters intern 2014


Romain completed a research internship from Feb - Jun 2014. He studied the effect of cannibalism and sexual cannibalism on offspring performance in redback spiders.

Dr Nansi Richards - Research Assistant 2012/13


Nansi studied the simultaneous effects of sexual cannibalism and polyandry on the reproductive fitness of female praying mantids.


Louise Allen - Masters Student 2010-11


Thesis title: Developmental pathways, mate location and sperm competition in the praying mantids  Pseudomantis albofimbriata  and Hierodula majuscula 


Olga Kazakova - Honours Student 2011


Thesis title: Characterising genital chirality in Ciulfina baldersoni (Mantodea: Liturgusidae)

Undergraduate Summer Interns

Matt Ingles

Matt Ingles

Barbara Dean - 2014/15

Kaytlyn Davis - 2013/14

Claudia Cammerata - 2013/14

Chris Slattery - 2013/14

Matt Ingles - 2012/13

Jacqui Luff

Jacqui Luff

Jacqui Luff -  2011/12

Erin Rozgonyi - 2010/11

Katy Breakwell - 2008/09

Louise Allen - 2007/08

Roberto Reyes - 2005/06

Rachel Dryden - 2005/06



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University of Auckland, NZ

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Assoc Prof Mike Maxwell

National University, San Diego

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